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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Haunting Scenes from Scotland Past by Lori Ann Bailey

While doing research for Highland Redemption, I stumbled upon a piece of information that stuck with me, so much so that I felt I had to put it in my book. The cruelty of the instance became part of the motivation for my heroine, Skye, to do her part in protecting her family, even if that meant marrying someone she didn’t know.

Some of you may have heard that the “Red Wedding” from “Game of Thrones” was inspired by true events, the brutal slayings of the MacDonalds by Campbell men in the Massacre of Glencoe. 

Campbell forces had been accepted as guests and given hospitality for several days before turning on their hosts, killing thirty-eight MacDonalds in their sleep and leaving another forty women and children to die from exposure after burning their homes.

This is an example of brutality that has tarnished the reputation of the Campbells. Even to this day, there is a bar, Clachaig Inn, in the Highlands that has a sign above the door stating that it will not serve Campbells.


But this wasn’t the tale of carnage that made it into Highland Redemption because it takes place after my story, it’s just the infamous one. The massacre I speak of happened fifty years earlier and although just as gruesome, it is hard to find the truth of what happened in August of 1642.

On Rathlin Island, Ireland, Covenanter Campbell soldiers were given orders to kill the local Catholic MacDonalds because they were relatives of the Scottish MacDonalds, who were seen as enemies by clan Campbell. According to what I’ve read, women and children were forced to watch the slaying of their men, then as they retreated to safety, the Campbells showed no mercy. It is said that anywhere between one hundred and three thousand women and children were driven from cliffs of what is now known as the Hill of Screaming.

From Highland Redemption - Skye’s thoughts, just after she meets her newly betrothed:

Now, she was resigned to a marriage built on a foundation of Royalist unity and the blood of her kin, who were massacred by Covenanter soldiers at the orders of Sir Duncan Campbell of Auchinbreck. Alliances with other Royalist clans were becoming more important as tensions rose between those who were loyal to King Charles, and the men, like the Duke of Argyll, who supported the Presbyterian Covenants as the sole religion of Scotland.
Often, she awakened, covered in sweat, when her dreams took her to the horrors she’d heard tales of—hundreds of Catholic MacDonald women of Rathlin Island begging for their lives, and the piercing screams that must have spilled from their lips as the Covenanter soldiers of Argyll’s Foot pushed them over the cliffs to the rocks and surf below.
If she could save others by forming an alliance with another clan, so be it. Despite living with the Cameron clan as a child, she owed her uncle, the MacDonald laird, and their people a debt because they had taken her in and given her a new life. At least her uncle had given her a choice of men.

While spying for Clan Cameron, Brodie Cameron rescues a lass, only to realize it’s Skye—the woman who’d broken his heart. He needs to get her to her uncle as quickly as possible to keep her safe, but every minute he’s distracted from his mission brings the clans that much closer to war. And having beautiful Skye anywhere near him is dangerous, because the price on his head is higher than the one on hers.

Upon being rescued from kidnappers, Skye finds herself staring into the eyes of the man she once loved—Brodie Cameron. She’s grateful to be freed, but has no idea how she’ll resist the lad who has become a braw man. Especially because she’s promised to another, in a political marriage forged to strengthen the Royalist clans against the Covenanters who plot to turn Scotland upside down.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2As7N16
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Winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award and Holt Medallion for Best First Book and Best Historical, Lori Ann Bailey writes hunky highland heroes and strong-willed independent lasses finding their perfect matches in the Highlands of 17th century Scotland. Writing about the people and places playing in her head helps her live out her dreams and delve into her love of history and romance. When not writing, Lori enjoys time with her real life hero and four kids or spending time walking or drinking wine with her friends.

Visit Lori at www.loriannbailey.com. Or, follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Lori.Ann.Bailey.author

Friday, October 27, 2017

Spotlight on Kris Kennedy's DECEPTION

So happy to be here with Eliza today, hanging with you, my fellow historical romance loving peeps!

I’ve got a new release this week, Deception!  Smugglers and sword fights and sexytimes, oh my! 

It’s a big, epic, hot-hot-hot medieval adventure, a second chance romance with an Irishman on a mission of revenge and the woman who can bring the whole thing crashing down around him.

First he loved her. Then he abandoned her.
Now he’s the only one who can save her.

The hero, Kier, is a black-hearted Irishman working a long con against some Very Bad Men who once tried to destroy him (there were smugglers’ huts and ropes and incinerating fires).   Kier rebuilt himself mind and body and now he’s back, on the hunt for retribution. Everything’s going according to plan…until Sophia shows up.

He’s shocked and stunned by the reappearance of the only woman he’s ever cared for (he can’t call it love…he doesn’t know the meaning of the word yet).  But Sophia has her own desperate plans too, and when she forces her way into his schemes, Kier is furious.

But Sophia is so very, very good at charming the people Kier needs charmed, and he’s a risk-taker to the bottom of his heart, so he’s not above using her. But he will never, ever protect her. It’s a most solemn vow.

I'm sure it’ll all work out.  After all, they're two adults, one on a mission of vengeance, the other on the run from the most dangerous men in England. They both want the same thing. Only one of them can have it.

Oh, and they want each other with a scorching hot desire that won't be denied. What could possibly go wrong??

Come find out!

I thought you might like an excerpt!


 ...Kier turned and stared through the open doorway at her.

He looked like sin. His hair was dripping dark and wet over his face. His clothes were molded to him, his tunic slack with rain, pressed to his body, his breeches tight, his black boots gleaming, as were the dark eyes he pinned on her.

“Where were you going, Sophia?”

His words were quiet and low, but they unleashed a shiver through her body, prickling her skin from chest to belly.

He advanced a step. “Where were you going with the ledger?”

“Kier,” she said in a low, warning tone.

He kicked the door shut behind him.

“Kier, stop,” she said firmly, but the resolve in her words was belied by the way she started backing up, one hand stretched out behind her, feeling for obstacles. She bumped into a bench and backed around it.

“Where were you going?” His eyes never left hers as he shoved the bench out of his way. “To Cosimo? Or had you others in mind? Perhaps you meant to sell it to the highest bidder?"

"Kier, stop."

"Surely you could have offered me rights of first refusal, could you not, now?” His Irish was getting stronger as his emotions ratcheted up. Jagged chills raked across her chest, a saw-edge of fear.

She shook her head wildly and tripped backward another step. The back of her knees hit the bed and she dropped onto it. “Kier, no, you must see—”

“See what? Perhaps you were evening the score, aye? I left you, now you leave me?”

She scooted across the bed, pushing with her elbows and heels. “No, ’tisn’t—”

He closed his fingers around her ankle.

“Oh, J├ęsu,” she whispered as he pulled her toward him, bundling the sheets beneath her, until she was laid out beneath his towering body.

His eyes were like fury, his face like stone. “You erred, lass,” he rasped.

She stifled a scream, kicked hard into him, and launched herself over the bed and took off running for the door. She made it two steps before his arm closed around her waist, stopping her like an iron bar. He yanked her back into his chest and the raw, barely-restrained power of him.

"You wanted to negotiate? Let's negotiate," he said, his breath hot in her ear.

I love big, sexy, adventure romances with reluctant heroes and smart, feisty women who push their buttons, so if you do too, you might like the stories too!
You can check out Deception right now!

Unfortunately, iBooks and GooglePlay are being difficult, so they’re not live there yet. But you can sign up for the newsletter to get informed when they are!
And stop by the website for all links and loads of excerpts from all the books (including the first 4 chapters of DECEPTION!)

How about you?? What’s your favorite kind of historical romance?

Kris Kennedy is a USA Today bestselling author writing super sexy, adventure-laden historical romances set in England and Ireland during the ages when chivalry and bad boy knights reigned supreme.  They're hot, epic romances with big bad alpha heroes and strong, fiery heroines who aren't afraid of them (well maybe just a little afraid...)

Come on in and indulge!  Ride the king’s highway on horseback and visit smugglers caves. Travel to medieval France & England & Ireland, and get a taste of the Holy Lands. Visit sea towns shrouded in darkness...sneak into hidden caves...sail on ships…
get snowbound in a firelit cottage with no one but a dangerous outlaw and the way he’s looking at you, firelight glinting in his eye.

You can do it all in the books!
Have fun in there!